Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Battle for the Craftworld - Alaitoc Eldar - Fast Attack

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Moving swiftly along (see what I did there?) we come to the incredibly speedy component of our Alaitoc Eldar.

Ken Webb was tasked with painting up Baharroth, the Swooping Hawk Phoenix Lord, and the squad of Swooping Hawks. Ken has chosen a very unique color scheme for these Eldar, who bring swift death from above. At the start of the project there was a bit of grumbling from Ken about the Finecast Baharroth he was sent, so he did a little digging around and found a metal model and decided to lighten it a touch by switching out the metal wings for these plastic, feathered wings from a Dark Eldar Scourge. Pinning him to a 32mm base (instead of his supplied 25mm base) meant that despite his heft, he'd want to remain upright on the battlefield.

As mentioned above, Ken Webb also painted the Swooping Hawks and Exarch. He flipped the purple and orange scheme found on Baharroth, and presented another beautifully painted and thoroughly unique unit!

And rounding out this post of swift things are these Eldar Jetbikes, painted by Max Dubois. In the early stages of this project, GW released the latest Codex: Eldar, and with it a new sculpt for the jetbikes. Brian Ballard (Eldar team lead) and Max decided to set aside the older bikes and upgrade Max's contribution to the latest models. We think it was a pretty good call : )

The two squads of three bikes have canopy stripes to mark them out on the battlefield. Of course, nothing is stopping the winner from fielding them together as a larger unit too.

So, if you like these, please head to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation website and purchase your tickets for the Alaitoc Eldar army!

Thanks to Ken and Max for their support of this wonderful project!

And our thanks to our sponsors who contributed to this project. 
Please support them, so that they can continue to support us!

Dave Taylor

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  1. Great painting! I almost feel bad that those pretty, pretty birds will have their feathers clipped by the Sons massed fire power...and now i'm over it. Filthy xenos -_-