Saturday, July 26, 2014

Battlefront Joins the Mission

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Thanks to Battlefront for its great post and newsletter article on the Panzer-Lehr charity army raffle! Thousands visited the site and hundreds of tickets were sold in support of not only Wounded Warrior Project, but the other charities, as well!

Faeit 212 Supports the Work

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Gary Kreiger, NATFKA/Faeit 212, posted about the work Doctors Without Borders is doing in the African ebola crisis. It's a very thoughtful commentary on their great work and how the Compassionate Force can help by supporting the NOCF Macragge charity armies.  

Many thanks to Gary for connecting our charity army raffles to the generosity of  tabletop wargamers worldwide.

Another Aussie Wins in Weekly Drawings!

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The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, with the help of its amazing sponsors, gives away another weekly prize today ~ our second to an Aussie this year.  Did you know one of the Macragge Consortium artists will be shipping his Ultramarines from New Zealand? Is there a connection? In 2013, we shipped the WM/H Khador army to Tasmania - the last big chunk o' land between Down Under and Antarctica!

Congratulations to Benjamin Ryan from Camden, New South Wales (somewhere a bit south of Syndney) on winning $25 to shop at Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Think about buying the new NOCF Macragge OMEGA bases!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Hive Tyrant Under Way

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Macragge artist, Jeff Jenkins, gets under way with the Hive Tyrant.

Support DWB/MSF ~ and take a chance on winning the army . . . purchase raffle tickets for the Tyranid army, Scythes of Behemoth.

Venomthrope Gets Color

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Sean Fulton has begun adding color to Venomthrope.  Support DWB/MSF ~ and take a chance on winning the army . . . purchase raffle tickets for the Macragge Tyranid army, Scythes of Behemoth.

Storm Talon Factory!

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Brian Ballard has begun work on three Storm Talons bound for the Ultramarine army, Blood & Honor: Defense of Macragge.

Buy Raffle Tickets to support the good worldwide work of Doctors Without Borders (aka Medecins Sans Frontieres)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

First Peak at Thunderfire Cannon

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An update is from artist Marc Raley. Marc has been working on a pair of Thunderfire Cannons for the NOCF Macragge project  - specifically, the Ultramarine army, "Blood & Honor: Defense of Macragge."  He shares, "The guns are almost complete. Techmarines are base-coated. Here is a quick progress shot from the workbench. More photos to come soon!" Follow these cannons to completion at Marc Raley Miniatures.

Dave Taylor Masterpiece Donated!

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Repainting of a Dave Taylor Masterpiece: Updating this quintessential piece - a Land Raider with Trophy - from Dave's Ultramarines force, will blend current styles of Dave Taylor and John Stiening. In this combined effort, John’s task is color modulation, grime streaking, and dust. The model will update to the "Blue Recipe" used in the NOVACF force, and then be handed off to Dave so he can finish with his detail magic.

When Dave completes the piece, it will be donated to the "Blood & Honor: Defense of Macragge" Ultramarine army.  Available to anyone on the planet with an address, it isbeing raffled on line HERE.
Army Details HERE
Work in Progress Pictures HERE

Webb's Termagant Brood Nears Ready to Ship

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Ken Webb has been working and reworking his termagant brood to perfection!

Buy Tickets on a chance to win the entire Macragge Tyranid Army, Scythes of Behemoth, today. You'll be entered in pool for weekly prize drawings!

See more Scythes of Behemoth, works in progress, HERE.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Genestealers on Abbey Road!

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Brian Ballard, artist on Macragge's Blood & Honor as well as Scythes of Behemoth, has finished his Genestealers, Mawloc and Carnifex!  Kudos to Brian for Genestealers on Abbey Road!  Check out these other great shots:

Florian Stitz Donates 25 Signed & Framed Prints to the Silent Auction!

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Florian Stitz is a renowned concept artist in the world of tabletop wargaming. He has donated 25 prints to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation for its 2014 Silent Auction. You can check out partial snapshots of his donations HERE.

The auction will take place at the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention in Washington, D.C., August 28-31, 2014.  Plan to attend and join in a bidding war to try and win any one or more of these signed and framed art prints!

Weekly NOCF Raffles

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Our sponsors donate $25 gift certificates for weekly drawings that have been going on since April 12, 2014. To date, 15 raffle participants have won and - proving the Compassionate Force has a world-wide reach:

Ryan Stoneburg of Oregon, USA
Eric Fontaine of Missouri, USA
Ryan Gossage of Oregon, USA
Chris Gorham of Nedlands, WESTERN AUSTRALIA
Ian Schneider of North Carolina, USA
Gareth Newton-Wiliams of London, UK
Jacques Baron of Cernay, FRANCE
Juan Jose Mejias of Barcelona, SPAUN
Solomon Montoya of New Mexico, USA
Andrew Eriksen of Alberta, CANADA
Mathieu Pillard of Paris, FRANCE
Tom Kale of Dursley, UK
Jacek Machnowski of California, USA
Murat Kilicoglu of Istanbul, TURKEY
Patrick McNeill of Virginia, USA

There are five (5) drawings left between now and the Charity Army Drawings on 8/31/14. Take a chance on winning an incredible army - which will support charitable causes - which will give you a chance to win in the weekly drawings by our great sponsors:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Venomthrope Tentacle

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Sean Fulton paints for the Macragge Project Tyranid army, Scythes of the Behemoth - he shares an "up front and personal" with one of Venomthrope's tentacles:

He also shared a few interesting thoughts:

"Been a busy week with FPM [Figure Painter Magazine], but I managed to get an article out on the Venomthrope for this issue's release. I have been able to put together the bulk of the scheme for the limbs which will be part of another article promoting NOCF via the Venomthrope paint job. I still need to do the final layer or two of highlighting (particularly on the arm/hand itself), but I am quite close to finishing up this limb."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hello, Marneus!

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Justin McCoy has recreated Marneus Calgar and his Honor Guard for the NOCF Macragge Project Ultramarine army, Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge. We've been told they're about to ship - exciting news as the first pictures of this army together cannot be too far away!

Ironheart Arisans Donates Custom Templates

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Alex Landing (Blood & Honor artist) has announced that he is custom-crafting templates for every NOCF army!  His company, Ironheart Artisans, will have these ready to ship to the winners.  Perhaps we'll even have a sneak peak before the drawings. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Taylor / Stiening Surprise!

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The first two years Dave Taylor worked on charity army projects, he added something unexpected to each army towards the end - waiting to surprise the community with a Taylor Special. For the NOCF Battle of Macragge Project this year, it's no different. Are you ready for this? In Dave's own words:

"Many years ago, I built a Land Raider for my Ultramarines, and mounted a Tyranid Carnifex carcass on top, kind of like a trophy from the Tyranid Invasion - the very same invasion we are "replicating" with our two Macragge armies this year. I've spoken with John Stiening (fellow Blood & Honor artist), and he is willing to help me update the paint job on the Land Raider to match his brilliant style of painting - after which I'll finish off the little details on it. This tank was part of the Ultramarine army that inspired John to build and paint his own Ultramarine army, which became the paint scheme template for this charity army we are working on. Being able to donate this Land Raider, painted by John and I, will be a nice little "full-circle" narrative, too."

Dave actually asked if the NOCF would mind.  Anyone?  We said "Absolutely" and cannot wait to show off the transformation when John and Dave are finished. Thanks to both of these amazing artists for this bonus piece! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

First Look at Dave Taylor's Centurions & Aaron Lovejoy's Tigurius!

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Dave Taylor has been the lead artist for the Macragge Project this year, bringing together all of the amazing artists to create and paint the models for Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge (UM) and Scythes of Behemoth (NIDs).  The project could not have happened without him, so he deserves a great deal of thanks for making this happen.

And now, drumroll . . . we get our first peak at his contribution to Blood & Honor.  Introducing the Centurion Devastator Squad:

Double drumroll . .  Aaron Lovejoy brought Tigurius to life for the Macragge battlefield:


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Introducing the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Blogspot!

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Hello, Everyone!

We are the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. Our charitable efforts support:
Child’s Play Charity
Wounded Warrior Project
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)
Fisher House Foundation

We raise money for these charities through the generosity of Worldwide Tabletop Wargamers ~ what we like to call the Compassionate Force. The funds are raised through online raffles of donated and specially created charity army raffles.  Every charity army gets it's own custom KRMulticase, guaranteeing safe arrival - since you need not be present to win! If you have a mailing address, we will ship your army to you.  $.95 cents of every $1 raffle ticket purchased will go to the corresponding charity. 

Last year, with three armies, the Compassionate Force raised over $10,000.  Can you help match this year's goals?

Check out our five armies HERE. Sneak peak pictures below. Take a chance on winning and support these great charities at the same time.  We need your support! Drawings will take place, podcast live, at the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention on Sunday, August 31, 2014.

Raffle tickets for the armies can be bought HERE.


(1)  The Penny Arcade Deathwatch Army supports Child’s Play Charity; it was created by a group of 40K players gathered from the Penny Arcade Forum. 2000 points!  Child’s Play Charity's mission is to help children in hospitals by providing them with age appropriate toys and games. More Photos at WIP.

(2)  The Man Eaters of the Great Maw, our first Fantasy army, supports The Fisher House Foundation; it was created by Wes Cogdal of Stiff Neck Studio. The Fisher House Foundation provides comfort homes at no cost for families of military and veteran receiving medical care. More Photos at WIP.

(3) The WW2 Panzer Lehr Western Front ArmyFlames of War, supports Wounded Warrior Project; it was created by Steve McCuen who became involved through Eric Fontaine’s grass roots Facebook Campaign. Wounded Warrior Project's mission is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in history. More Photos at WIP.

THE MACRAGGE PROJECT: Two Armies to Recreate the Iconic Battle of Macragge!

Ultramarines >  Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge

Tyranids > Scythes of the Behemoth

Both armies are being created by an international consortium of artists bound by their desire to help raise funds for Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

Custom crafted templates for each army by Ironheart Artisans included with each army which, of course, ship in their own custom KR Mulitcase transport.

Blood & Honor's Imperial Knight:  Created, Lit and Painted by John Stiening, 40Khobbyblog

Scythes of Behemoth's Carnifax Nearing Completion: Created and Painted by Brian Ballard