Tuesday, March 22, 2016


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DAVE TAYLOR has wrangled another Consortium of the World's Greatest Miniature Artists to create this year's Ork Army (list coming soon). This army will face off against an enormous NOVA Space Marine army which has been under construction by Troy Tabanelli (bolterandbow) since late 2014!
ATLANTIS GAMES & COMICS returns again this year as a Prime Sponsor of the NOCF, providing the extensive list of models required for the Ork Army (below). Located in southeastern Virginia, they pride themselves on customer service and helping you get what you need. Call them today: (757) 502-8954 or (757) 465-1617
KR MULTICASE continues to be the Top Sponsor of the NOCF, providing all the transport cases necessary to make the winners' armies travel ready. The company has had a recent website overhaul to make shopping for your customized cases easier than ever. They have also added the Backpack4 this year which upgrades its best-selling transport, the Backpack2 - amazing!  Shop with them today and get a headstart on the best transport system in miniature wargaming!

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation!

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The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is back for its biggest and best year ever!

    Orks (2016 NOCF Artist Consortium)
    NOVA Space Marines (Troy Tabanelli)
    Space Marines (Russ Nygard)
    WWII American Army (Steve McCuen)
    Horus Heresy Death Guards (Brian Ballard & Jeff Jenkins)
    Ork Warlord (Sean Fulton)
    Bolt Action King Tiger (John Stiening)
    Horus Heresy Primarch Angron (John Stiening)
    40K Adeptus Mechanicus Strider (Neil Szabo)
    Check back in with us HERE and follow Dave’s reports at nocf.blogspot.com