Monday, August 18, 2014

Jawaballs' Ultramarine Banner!

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Ultramarine Award-Winning Banner donated to the winner of Blood & Honor: Defense of Macragge! Chris was offered $500 for this Banner just a year ago and couldn't bear to part with it.  Today, it belongs to the winner of Blood & Honor!  The drawing is just thirteen (13) days away . . . support Doctors Without Borders and BUY CHANCES NOW!

BACK STORY: Chris painted the Sternguard Veteran Squad and the Tyrannic War Veterans for the Blood & Honor Ultramarine army.

BAD NEWS:  They were finished and shipped, left on a front porch by USPS and - best anyone can tell - lifted!

GOOD NEWS:  Chris had this to say, "So it sucks that some jerk stole my marines off [the] porch. Such is life! To replace my contribution, I dipped into the reserves and pulled out this banner that won Best Banner at Gamesday 2012.  Contributions mean more when they are special to us. This certainly is, but it is now part of something bigger, which is what matters to me. That is why we do this!"

BIG NEWS: Dave Taylor, with his unbelievably characteristic generosity, made a donation from his own highly valued award winning armies . . . a 10-man Sternguard Veteran Squad to fully replace the Sternguard and Tyrannice Veterans that were stolen.

. . . for these Sternguard Veterans

. . . and for these Tyrannic War Veterans

both squads last photographed nearing completion, July 2014!



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