Monday, August 4, 2014

Models Arriving - KR Cases Receiving!

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The Works in Progress are quickly becoming Models Arriving - and they are awesome. Take a look at the progress this week:

BRIAN BALLARD is the only artist working on both Macragge armies. Here are his finished Blood & Honor Storm Talons which are now posted on CMON. Visit them there! They even come with instructions:  "The switch to turn on the LEDs is the “Mechanicum” symbol on the back bottom of the aircraft." Extra parts included.

BRIAN also took on Mawloc and Carnifex, with additional arms, for the Scythes of Behemoth - but there is more, a Genestealer brood!

DAN WITHERS worked on the 2013 Redemption of the Fallen Dark Angels army. The world-renowned owner and lead artist of Valhalla Games in New Zealand, Dan now brings Chaplain Cassius and the Devastator Squad to life:

KEN WEBB sets the standard for Scythes of Behemoth with his Termagant Brood.

WILLIAM THORNTON is delivering Class A work for Scythes of Behemoth with his Tyrant and Harpy Crones.

ALEX LANDING, who is working on a Thunderfire Cannon for Blood & Honor, took time out of his busy schedule to create custom templates for the Macragge Armies.  Sneak Peak at Blood & Honor add-ons:


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