Monday, June 29, 2015

Battle for the Craftworld - Tickets go on sale Wednesday, July 1 (and Sons Of Orar Troops One)

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Just two more days before the raffle tickets go on sale for the 2015 Armies! That's right, on Wednesday, July 1, tickets will be available for the multitude of armies we have this year.


In addition to the Alaitoc Eldar and Sons Of Orar armies, you'll also be able to buy tickets for a chance to win a wonderful Flanes Of War Polish army, and an absolutely massive collection of Malifaux models (all painted by Stiff Neck Studios).

It'll be an exciting day, and I ask you all to share the information throughout your various networks/forums/social media groups/etc.!

And now, on to just one of the Tactical squads from the Sons Of Orar army, painted by Neil Szabo. We usually give our artists a bit of freedom to approach their tasks the way they see fit. This year, Neil took his task to the next level by magnetizing the gap out of this squad. Loads of options for both the sergeant and the special weapons trooper mean that the winner (could it be you?) will be able to switch up their lists depending on opponent without much effort at all.

You can see the whole squad at the top of the post, but here are the various combi-weapon options for the sergeant:

Here are the various combat weapon options:

And Neil has even painted an unhelmeted head for the sergeant, should your troops prefer to roll that way : )

Here is the special weapon trooper, with his various options:

Thanks to Neil for their continued support of this wonderful project!

And our thanks to our sponsors who contributed to this project. 
Please support them, so that they can continue to support us!

• Atlantis Games & Comics • Element Games • Secret Weapon Miniatures • KR Multicase

We'll see you all over at the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation website on Wednesday to pick up a few dozen tickets in the coolest charity raffle around!

Dave Taylor


  1. Just call me Magneto. You know, unless that name is copywritten or something ;)

    1. I'm not sure why, but it does sound hauntingly familiar!