Thursday, June 25, 2015

Battle for the Craftworld - Alaitoc Eldar - Heavy Support One

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The centerpiece model of the Alaitoc Eldar army is arguably the Wraith Knight. Not only has artist Marc Raley done a spectacular job of painting this model, but it also towers over everything else on the list. The base you see him standing on is the 120 x 95 mm oval (aka the Flying Base), so you should get a reasonable idea of its size. BIG!

You can see more of Marc's work at his blog, HERE.

Even though our team leads prescribe color recipes and schemes and so on, we like to give our artists the opportunity to express themselves in some of the smaller details. There was an interesting discussion early in the piece about the "camouflage" that the Alaitoc Eldar would use. In the end, Marc opted for the great mottling you can see on the legs below.

The man who lead the Alaitoc Eldar team, Brian Ballard, also painted up the skimmers for the army. Here we have his Eldar Falcon Grav Tank. Brian did some spectacular work on his tonal modulation on his flat panels, and a fun look on the gold canopies!

As you can see, Brian's Falcon features a camouflage scheme reminiscent of and urban camo, which is very eye-catching and matches the three Wave Serpents Brian also painted for the army!

Thanks to Marc and Brian for their continued support of this wonderful project!

And our thanks to our sponsors who contributed to this project. 
Please support them, so that they can continue to support us!

Dave Taylor


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