Monday, June 22, 2015

Battle for the Craftworld - Sons Of Orar - Heavy Support One

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This is the first of our unit features for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) 2015 Sons Of Orar Adeptus Astartes army. We decided to start with some of the heavy hitters in the army to give you an idea of the punch it'll be able to pack.

The first unit you can see here is the Vindicator, painted by Chris "Jawaballs" Dubuque. Chris has been involved since the beginning, painting a unit for the Storm Wardens army back in 2010. This time he has gone to town on this lovely (and punchy) tank for the Sons of Orar. A bit of an expert at painting red (thanks to his obsession with Blood Angels), Chris has done a beautiful job with his tonal modulation on the flat panels of this powerful tank.

You can see more of his excellent work at his blog, HERE.

The second unit we want to show off today is a squad of Centurions, equipped with grav cannons and grav amps. These were painted by Dan Withers of Valhalla Games in New Zealand (yes, they traveled all the way from Middle Earth!).

Our unit of three Centurions in last year's Ultramarine army were quite popular, so Dan dialed up the effort for this year to FIVE of these hardcore, dangerous support troopers. Used effectively, they'll be great as an anvil against which the pesky Eldar can be smashed!

Dan has done some great things with the posing of this unit, but the model above stands out as my favorite. The amount of menace squeezed into this miniature is just wonderful!

Thanks to Chris and Dan for their continued support of this wonderful project!

And our thanks to our sponsors who contributed to this project. 
Please support them, so that they can continue to support us!

Dave Taylor


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