Monday, June 15, 2015

Battle for the Craftworld - Sons Of Orar Adeptus Astartes on display!

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Here we are with a look at the Sons Of Orar Adepts Astartes army for the NOCF 2105 Charity Army Raffles. Just the composite photo at the moment, to give you all an idea of the contents of the army. We'll be rolling out additional photos/features between now and the prize drawing at the beginning of September.

This is the list for the army above:

• Chapter Master on Bike (currently blacked out, this model is being painted for a two-part feature in Figure Painter Magazine)
• Librarian (currently blacked out, this model is being painted for a two-part article on a major blog)

• 3 x Tactical Squads - These squads come with a variety of weaponry, including quite a lot of swappable options!
• 3 x Drop Pods - with stormbolters and loads of hazard stripes.
• 2 x Bike Squads - With the Chapter Master mounted on a bike, these become troop choices!

Fast Attack
• Assault Marines - contains a power fist and plasma pistol for some extra punch.

Heavy Support
• Centurions w/grav cannons - these five solid models have a great deal of menace.  
• Vindicator - a massive dozer blade protects a bigger gun.

• 2 x Predators - one of these is magnetized with all the options.

A fast-deploying army with some strong support, these Sons Of Orar Astartes are ready to land anywhere in the world and will hold up against many of the Imperium's foes.

Our thanks to the painters for this army: John Stiening, Chris "Jawaballs" Dubuque, Justin McCoy, Joe Johnson, AJ Taflan, Will Thorton, Neil Szabo, Sean Fulton, Dave Taylor, and Dan Withers.

And our thanks to our sponsors who contributed to this great project. Please support them, so that they can continue to support us!

Dave Taylor

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  1. Such a lovely army! Can't wait to buy tickets for it at Nova!