Friday, July 3, 2015

Battle for the Craftworld - Alaitoc Eldar - Troops

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At the heart of every Craftworld there are the Eldar militia, the Guardians who, in times of war, don their armor and take up their shrunken catapults to defend their homes and the future of their race.

At the core of our Alaitoc Eldar army is this Guardian squad, painted for us by the man who lead the Eldar team - Brian Ballard. Intrigued for the Alaitoc blue and camo patterns, Brian dived in and created this excellent example of the Eldar defenders.

The heavy weapons platform actually has all the gun options painted, and these will ship to the winner (but they just weren't photographed).

In addition to the Guardians, the Alaitoc Eldar army has two squads of Dire Avengers. The first was painted by Kelvin Goh, a first-year volunteer all the way from Australia. Kelvin was initially slated to do both Dire Avenger squads, but halfway through was afflicted by sight issues and he had to take a few months off from painting. He sent both squads back to us...

...and I picked up the second squad. My painting style is a little different to Kelvin's, but I think the two squads fit nicely alongside each other.

And there you have the Troops choices for the Alaitoc army. They stand proud and tall, ready to defend Alaitoc in the "Battle for the Craftworld"!

Thanks to Kelvin and Brian for their continued support of this wonderful project!

And our thanks to our sponsors who contributed to this project. 
Please support them, so that they can continue to support us!

Dave Taylor


  1. Looking good! Even if they are filthy xenos -_-

  2. Hi, I know this is a long shot but I really love the Guardians pattern. Would you still have the paint recipe?