Friday, July 10, 2015

Battle for the Craftworld - Spotlight on our Sponsors

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We are lucky to have some fantastic sponsors here at the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. Each year they provide things like the models that make up the armies, the bases these models stand on, and even the cases the models are shipped to the winners in!

This year, our miniatures for the Battle for the Craftworld were provided two generous donors. First up where the team from Atlantis Games & Comics. Atlanitis have two great store locations in south eastern Virginia (USA) - one in Norfolk, and the other in Portsmouth - serving the fine folk of the area, many of whom serve in or provide services for the US Navy (Go Navy!).

This year the Atlantis crew provided ALL the miniatures for our Sons Of Orar Space Marines, and some of the harder to track down miniatures for our Alaitoc Eldar army.

A new sponsor who joins us this year is the team from Element Games in Stockport, UK. It is great to see a business from (not quite) the other side of the world acknowledge the good work our Artist Consortium are doing and put their own support behind us. The Element Games team provided us with the bulk of the Alaitoc Eldar army miniatures.

Element Games have a fantastic store in the North West Gaming Center, and also distribute many different ranges of miniatures (including Warmachine and Hordes, X-Wing and Relic Knights, Malifaux and Infinity. Element Games are also closely associated with the Steamforged Games crew, who make the very cool Guild Ball!

If you are in the UK, we highly recommend you check out their facility in Stockport (near Manchester), and also check out their excellent online offering.

Don't forget to buy your tickets HERE today and share this information about our excellent sponsors with your friends.

Dave Taylor


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