Friday, August 19, 2016

NOCF 2016 CHARITY ARMY RAFFLES - Da Bad Moon Skwadron (Part2)

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In the last article we looked at the infantry for Da Bad Moon Skwadron. This time around we'll take a look at some of the vehicles that make up this spectacular force. 

First up is the lovely Dakkajet you see above. This was painted by long-term contributor and sponsor of the efforts of the NOCF, Justin McCoy (aka Misterjustin) of Secret Weapon Miniatures. Not only did Justin paint up this wonderful plane for us, but this year he contributed all the bases for the Ork army, and all the bases that will be on the Novamarines army we'll feature soon. Thank you again, Justin!

Our second Dakkajet was painted by an expert modeler known for his weathering, particularly on the 30K Alpha Legion he'll be bringing to the NOVA Open this year, Marc Raley. Marc will also be running the Horus Heresy events at the NOVA Open, so be sure to hunt him down and congratulate him on an excellent model!

Our first Battlewagon was painted by Celso Mendez Jr. Celso is a well-known painter from Mexico who loves to paint clean and crisp Sons of Horus Space Marines, so the yellow and weathering were new for him. We think he's done a simply wonderful job! Additionally, the battlewagon has been fully magnetized, so you have a lot of ability to reconfigure it to suit your list.

The second Battlewagon was painted by Max Dubois, who has been painting with us for quite a few years now. He really went to town on this one, enjoying all the rust and battle damage on this brutal vehicle! You can see more of his work at Hellfire Painting.

And finally, for this post at least, one of our new recruits - Michelle Blastenbrei - created these excellent Deffkoptas to enhance the airforce theme of the army. Not only is the painting great, but Michelle ensured the rotors wouldn't snap off the models by magnetizing them. When you need to travel, you can simply pull the rotors off and pop them in a separate section in the carrying foam. You can see more of Michelle's excellent work at MiniPainterInk.

One more update on this army to go. It will include the wonderful Deffdread from Greg Hess, and the centerpiece Nob Bikerz unit from team lead, Joe Johnson.


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