Tuesday, August 30, 2016

NOCF 2016 CHARITY RAFFLES - Flames of War Soviet Tank Company

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This is the third Flames of War army that Steve McCuen has painted for us. His previous armies have been very popular, and we feel this one pushes his quality level even higher.

Everybody loves a good tank army and Soviet Tank Companies really look the part, with loads of solid green armor ready to roll across the steppes. This army is a Late War force, and includes 21 T34/85 tanks, plus 3 IS-2s and a Heavy Mortar platoon.

If you'd like to turn it into a Mid-War force, Steve has made that easy too, by including 21 T-34/76 turreta for your T-34s (of course).

As with all of the armies being raffled, this FOW Soviet Tank Company will arrive to your doorstep in a KR Multicase case, well protected and ready to roll.

You can buy tickets for these Soviet tanks HERE.


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